Water System Improvements Project Update

95% of the following improvements have been funded with Grant monies ($13,000,000) received from:


  • US Environmental Protection Agency,

  • Texas Water Development Board

  • USDA Rural Development,

  • Texas Department of Agriculture.




New Projects at M-DWSC

Wall Elevated

Millersview-Doole WSC has been working on an on-going Water System Improvements project for several years.  The project included a new surface water treatment plant, water obtained from O.H. Ivie Reservoir, adding storage and water lines and providing service to new customers.  At the present time the surface plant (1.5 million gallons a day of R/O water), 94 miles of new service lines,  O.H. Ivie standpipe (139.5 ft. tall 161,230 gallons), 83 standpipe (130 ft. tall 146,00 gallons), elevated tank at Miles (180 ft. tall 500,000 gallons), ground storage tank at Salt Gap (40ft tall 200,000 gallons), ground storage tank on 1929 (40 ft. tall 500,000 gallons), Elevated Tank at Wall ( 170 ft. tall 150,000 gallons) and new Booster station on 1929 are on line, these will provide additional capacity and help reduce water loss.  The new SCADA system will allow the WSC to monitor pump stations from the office, which will cut down on expenses and reduce water loss.

 The wells are currently in violation of EPA limits for radionuclides.  Although, the water is not unsafe in the short term, steps must be taken to eliminate this long-term concern.  The surface water will increase the WSC’s overall supply capacity as well as reduce the amount of water required to be taken from the wells.  This will allow the wells to be treated in a cost-effective way and insure two alternate sources of supply for the system.


FM 1929 Booster Station

13841 FM 1929 East

PO Box 130

Millersview, TX  76862


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