Annual Membership Meeting



Due to the COVID 19 restrictions in place, M-DWSC will hold the Annual Meeting via teleconference on 4/20/20 @ 7:00pm.  Conference # is 1-833-594-0362, ID # 66268


  1. Establish Quorum Mr. Stuart Lehr, President pro-tem

  2. Call to Order, 7:00pm Mr. Stuart Lehr

  3. Persons wishing to approach the Board concerning items not listed on agenda-Limit 5-minute presentation, with open discussion to follow:

  4. Presentation and Approval of the Minutes of April 15, 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

  5. Expansion Project Update & Business:

  6. Presentation of the 2019 Annual Audit Report: Merritt, McLane & Hamby CPA’s

  7. Approval of the 2019 Annual Audit Report, by a vote of the membership represented                                      

  8. Election of Directors:

    • Read Resolution declaring election of unopposed candidates

      1. Vacant – District 1

      2. Stuart Lehr – District 2

      3. Matt Belden – District 3

  9. Presentation of Results / Announcement of Directors Elected to Serve April 20, 2020 for a term of three (3) years                                                                                   

  10.  New Business:

  11. Unfinished Business

  12. Adjourn Meeting

  13. Reconvene elect new officers

  14. Adjourn Meeting        


Regular Meeting


Due to the COVID 19 restrictions in place, M-DWSC will hold the Annual Meeting via teleconference on 4/20/20 @ 7:30pm.  Conference # is 1-833-594-0362, ID# 66268


Public comment is limited to five (5) minutes per person on any agenda item.


  1. Establish a Quorum

  2. Call Meeting to order

  3.Approve Minutes

  4.Person(s) wishing to approach the Board of Directors

  5. Review Financial:

  6. New Business: 1) Consider Management Salary

        2) Consider adding authorized signers for

             checking  account.

  7. Staff / Other report from Cody Giddens:

      Meter Update 1724

  8. Unfinished Business

  9.Announcement of next meeting: May 18, 2020



Millersview-Doole Water Supply Corporation was incorporated

in 1972.  M-DWSC has grown quite a bit since those first few years and has gone through many changes over the last 40 years.


M-DWSC covers four counties and runs over one thousand miles of pipeline throughout those four counties. 

13841 FM 1929 East

PO Box 130

Millersview, TX  76862

OFFICE 1-325-483-5438